Invite More Friends To

The Party!

The heart of Mario Party games has always been hectic and hilarious multiplayer fun, and with Mario Party Star Rush, there are now even more ways to party with your friends!

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Mario Party Star Rush
Party Guest Edition

Mario Party Star Rush – Party Guest Edition is a new, free download from Nintendo eShop that lets more people join in the fun, even if only one of you has the full game! Enjoy the full, multiplayer experience with limitations. You can even transfer points you’ve earned to the full version of the game, when purchased, along with amiibo data for the in-game character museum.


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The easiest way to play. Get a group of up to four friends together, each with their own Mario Party Star Rush games, and have a blast!



Don’t want to wait to download Mario Party Star Rush – Party Guest Edition? As long as you have at least one full version of the game, you can still play with up to four players who have their own system using Download Play mode, although with fewer features and game modes.